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About The Beautiful Neelum Valley

Also known as Paradise Valley, Kashmir has its own place among the most beautiful places in Pakistan. The beauty of Kashmir is second to none and people come here from farn and wide to see its beauty. Today we free you. Neelam Valley is considered to be one of the most famous places in Azad Kashmir which are very beautiful and charming. Neelam Valley is very famous among tourists for its beauty. Every year a large number of tourists from Pakistan and abroad visit this valley and enjoy its beauty.

And 2nd is one of the most beautiful places. Located in the Neelum Valley, it has an elevation of 12000 12130 feet above sea level The lake attracts tourists because of its charming beauty. The No. 3 Lipa Valley is the most charming and beautiful valley of Azad Azad Jammu and Kashmir which is located 125 km away from Muzaffarabad. This is the most interesting and beautiful valley which offers a view of endless natural beauty. The number four natural lake is the lake which is located in Shunter Valley to visit this beautiful lake. The best time is in the middle of August. It is a great place for camping lovers because camping can be done easily here. No. Tuli Pir Pir is a beautiful place on the tops of hills Located at an altitude of 8,800 feet above sea level, it is one of the most popular destinations for ladies school traffic and ladies school traffic. Spring is when the weather is very pleasant here.

Pir Chanasi Pir Chanasi is a shrine and political site which is 30 km from Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-administered Azad Kashmir. It is 29 feet above the mountain. Located on the peak, Pir Chanasi is one of the special tourist destinations in Pakistan. It is an amazing place where you can visit the beautiful snow-capped peak of politics in winter. The area is also famous for paragliding and snowcross jeep rallies. Banjusa Lake Poonch District is a small village in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Banjusa has a natural lake which attracts a large number of tourists all year round with its beauty. The beautiful view of the saltwater lake surrounded by tall trees is very popular among tourists.Jhelum Valley is a district of Azad Kashmir. It is a 50 km long valley surrounded by lush hills along the Jhelum River. The valley is also known as a hospitality area for local and international tourists.

Rawlakot Azad Rawlakot is a popular town in Azad Kashmir, also known as the district headquarters of Djokovic. Rawlakot is an interesting and beautiful valley between the high hills 80 km from Islamabad. The best time to visit the place is summer where you can enjoy its charming beauty. Number Ten Redford Azad Kashmir is an amazing place for archaeologists and travel enthusiasts to see. Wanted which is also called for Muzaffarabad This is a model which is a famous place in Azad Kashmir.

3 Days Tour Chitral

Include Services
All Toll Tex

Per Head : Rs 15,000

5 Days Tour Package in Neelum Valley

Day 1 Departure in Lahore Office
Day 2 In Sharda
Day 3 In Kel
Day 4 In Sharda
Day 5 Departure From Sharda To Lahore Office

Per Head RS 20,000

3 Days Tour Skardu

Include Services
All Toll Tex

Per Head RS 16,000

1 Day Mushkpuri TOP Tour

Per Head Cost RS 3500
Tour schedule
Departure from Lahore Office at 10:00 PM via GT Road
breakfast at 8 AM
Start of hiking 9:30 AM
Sight view and photography (DSLR and DRONE)
Departure for Lahore at 3:00 PM
Dinner at 7:00 PM
Interested person call and whatsup at


Per Head : Rs 35,00

3 Days Swat Kalam Jabba Tour

Departure Point Lahore Office
Departure will be at 10:00 PM on (Friday Night) from Lahore
Day 1
First stop of 30 Minutes for Breakfast
Continue drive towards Kalam
Reach Hotel
1st Visit Mahudand Lake
2nd Visit Ushu Forest
Interested person call and whatsup at


Per Head : Rs 75,00

Tour Naran/Kaghan

CNIC (Compulsory)
Package from Lahore: Rs.15000/- Per Head
4 person shared Room
Separate room for Couple Sharing: 5,000
Booking Advance: Rs.10,000
Remaining payment : Before 1 day of departure.
Kids Policy:
Kids age 5-10:50% charges.
Kids age Under 5:Free.
Interested person call and whatsup at


Per Head : Rs 14,000